Christmas Tree History

Christmas Tree History – Whether you celebrate Christmas as a Christian or non-Christian, the Christmas tree is the most widely recognized symbol of the Christmas season. Families make Christmas memories as they decorate the tree together. Sit around the tree in the days before Christmas. And of course, hurry to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning to see the beautiful supply of gifts waiting for little fingers.

The Christmas tree tradition we celebrate today is an interesting mix of history with facts and word of mouth. The combination of the two has shaped the modern version of the indoor, illuminated evergreen Christmas tree. If you look at the traditions of a Christmas tree, you can come back from the celebrations of the tree of knowledge from the Garden of Eden. In the Middle Ages, evergreen trees were adorned with red apples to celebrate the feast of Adam and Eve.

From the traditions of the Middle Ages, the history of the Christmas tree moves from evergreen trees adorned outdoors, to trees that are inside but not decorated, to decorated and adorned trees. The first trees inside were also hung upside down. The 16th century fir trees were decorated inside and out with apples, roses, gilded candies and colorful paper. This tradition is closer to the Christmas tree traditions that we are currently practicing.

It is not clear to whom an inner tree with lights should first be attributed. There are a number of stories that reward Martin Luther for putting light on an inner tree first. There are also reports that entitle Martin Luther to turn the tree in the right direction. The most accepted version of the story goes like this – Martin Luther wanted to share an experience with his family from a winter evening that goes through evergreen trees that sparkle with the starlight. So he placed light on the tree to show his family the beauty of the trees in the starlight.

In the 17th century, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees spread throughout Europe. They were decorated with apples, nuts and strips of red paper. During this time, the royal families began to accept the idea of ​​a “Christmas tree”. It took a while for the Christmas tree tradition in the US to be accepted. The first president to introduce the Christmas tree to the White House in 1856 was Franklin Pierce. President Calvin Coolidge lit in 1923 the first, now famous, national Christmas tree on the lawn of the White House. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter just lit the crowning star on the national Christmas tree to honor American hostages.

Today, people celebrate Christmas by decorating their trees with different kinds of lights and ornaments. There are beautiful Christmas trees with ribbons, flowers, lights and ornaments. As well as the wonderfully decorated trees with mismatched ornaments that tell a story of life every year as you decorate your tree.

Today we also have a wide choice of whether we want to have a real or artificial tree, what size a tree has, what kind of tree, whether it is pre-lit, etc. There are now artificial trees that look and feel so real, that you have to wear gloves to put them together. These trees also offer options that are pre-lit with white and colored lights that can change depending on which button on your remote control presses. A tree with a remote control is a Christmas tree that every man needs.

Anyway, you choose to decorate your Christmas tree, have a great time creating memories with those you love this Christmas season. [WD]

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