How To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

How To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations – Turn your home into a Christmas winter wonderland by creating your own festive decorations using our simple and fun ideas.

Grab the festive spirit by making your own Christmas decorations with your kids. It is so much more impressive to show your original craftsmanship than Glitz bought in the store, to family and friends.

It could not be easier to make your own Christmas decorations, and it means so much more than having a slightly amateurish end to a store-bought beauty. Think back to all the TV ideas of Blue Peter Children to create their own projects.

Working with paper and card is also a great way to be eco-friendly, encourage your kids to think about the importance of recycling instead of buying new Christmas decorations every year.

Let your kids make their own Christmas decorations by turning them into aluminum foil ring chains. All you’ll need are squares of foil, and you can roll them into chains and bond them together – no glue or scissors.

Why not make little kids paint their own festive designs on paper and exhibit them in-house? Cut paper into festive shapes and get your kids to paint or glue glitter on it. Create a garland display of your Christmas creations.

Another simple festive idea is to fill a glass jar or bowl with walnuts and make it a centerpiece on a dining table. Or create a large bowl of lemons and limes or red apples and baby artichokes – the colors of Christmas.

Add a stack of pine cones to a wicker basket or in the fireplace for a truly subtle complement to any Christmas design. Fill pots with pine cones and place them on your porch.

Every year we try to make at least a series of homemade Christmas decorations because there is something very nice about creating something that is used year after year.

It’s a bit like creating family heirlooms to cherish Christmas after Christmas!

All our Christmas in one place: everything you need for a wonderful Christmas

Over the years we’ve built a whole bunch of homemade decorations and I’m always looking for inspiration for the next batch.

I’ve done my annual online trawl and put together a list of the most inspiring ones – some are kiddo-friendly than others, but hopefully there’s something for everyone in here.

Washi Tape decorations are always a winner to make with kids, so watch out for the Washi Tape trees from I Heart Naptime.

We also have a Washi Tape Christmas Crafts, which has some nice, simple Washi Tape Christmas Decorations to make.

Meanwhile, I’m a huge fan of book-side Christmas decorations, so take a look at Crafted Sparrow’s beautiful creations.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a highlight and do !!

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