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Printer Apps for AndroidPrinter Apps for Android – If you Have a multifunction printer, but wish to have the application better printer support. With the right set of printers, you can print the application from your mobile device. Very cool and more modern. You no longer need a computer connected to the printer to print the pictures, documents and everything in between. So here’s our recommendations according to: Printer Apps for Android. always provide the latest information about android. We have suggestions for The New Best Printer Apps for Android are:

Epson Print

Epson Print Epson is one of the biggest and most famous printing companies. It is only logical that they have their own app for printing. The mobile app allows you to print, scan, and share documents with just one swipe. Aside from PDF documents, Epson Print is compatible with Word and Excel files. The biggest advantage is that you can print entire websites directly from your mobile device. Oh, and the app is free, but works only with Epson printers.

Here are some useful features:

  • Access documents and files from cloud services like Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box.
  • Configure print options from your mobile device, select the number of copies, page range, page size and type.
  • Scan and share documents easily from your mobile device.
  • Automatic backlight and color cast correction.
  • Print with and without borders.


PrintJinni The advantage of PrintJinni is that it works with more than 1,000 models of laser and inkjet printers. The app supports almost all companies, no matter if it is Samsung, HP, Xerox, Dell, Epson, and much more. The app is free, but you need to subscribe to some services. You can preview and print anything with top notch accuracy. And there is no compromise on quality.

Here are some key featrures:

  • Print photos and images from social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, and much more.
  • Print content from your email.
  • Print from cloud storage services like Drive, Dropbox, Box, and much more.
  • Supports many options like black and white printing, color printing, duplex printing, selected pages printing and much more.


Happy2PrintAnother free mobile print app that you can use. HP Everyday Papers is the creator of the app, but the app works with other printers, not just HP ones. There is no in-app purchase, making the app completely free. You can connect your printer and mobile device via USB cable, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Some printers support direct mobile scanning. Supports both Mac and Windows printers and the printer wizard detects your printer automatically. Easy to install, just few clicks away from printing.

Here are the main features:

  • Print office documents, images, and photos.
  • Print calendars, text messages from your mobile phones, or even call log
  • You can print Facebook albums..
  • Share option for business apps.
  • Support for cloud storage services like Box, Drive, and Dropbox.

HP All-in-One

HP All-in-OneIf you are owner of a HP printer, you might want to think about a remote HP app. The All-in-one Printer remote App by HP is compatible with all HP printers. The app allows you to share documents and images through email, and then print some. Cloud services are also supported, and you can setup your new HP printer using the app.
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Here are some features:

  • Monitor and order supplies for your HP printer.
  • Create high quality PDFs of your images and documents using the scanner on the printer or your mobile phone.
  • Print images and documents with Wi-Fi direct.
  • Change the settings of the printer, and perform maintenance tasks.
  • Share documents from clouds storage services, or from social media services.

Canon Print Service

Canon Print ServiceLast, but not least on our list is the Canon Print Service. Before using this app, you need to activate the Canon Print Service. Once you install the software, the service is not automatically activated. That being said, you need to tap the icon after installation, and activate the service in the displayed settings screen. Once you activate the service, you can enjoy the wide number of features it offers.
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Here are some features:

  • Switch between color and B&W printing.
  • 2 on 1 printing.
  • 2 sided printing.
  • Borderless printing.
  • PDF direct printing.
  • Change paper type and size.
  • Print from cloud storage services.
  • Stapling pages.

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